How often do you need facial fillers?

Other fillers, such as Perlane, are thicker and can last six to nine months. Radiesse can last from nine months to two years. Dermal fillers are ideal for anyone looking to restore the soft and youthful shape of their face. Although some last two years, others should be repeated every 4 to 6 months for best effects.

If you are having multiple areas of your face treated, you may need to visit us more often. When you get in touch and book an initial consultation, your provider will be able to estimate how often you should visit the clinic. The advantages of these deeper injections are that they are often less painful, cause less bruising, and last longer than other types of injections. Deep injections can last up to 12 months, and newer products on the market can last up to two years.

For my patients, once we have injected an area and my patient is very satisfied with their results, I will consider moving to a longer lasting product for subsequent injections to maximize the duration of their results. Like any other skin care procedure, individual results may vary. Technically, this poly-L-lactic product is a subdermal filler. It is injected under the skin layer to stimulate collagen production.

Patients receive two to three treatment sessions at least one month apart. Because of the way it works, it takes longer than dermal fillers to show results. However, maintenance treatment may only be needed once a year. Some patients experience longer lasting results (two to four years).

However, in general, you should expect to return every four or six months. While some people will want more frequent treatments, they may not want to let their lines or wrinkles return completely before seeking additional treatment, others may leave seven or even nine months between treatments. These fillers can also be used for other facial wrinkles, to fill in the lips and to fill in acne scars. The plastic surgeon may inject an enzyme that dissolves the filler until you are satisfied with the facial contour.

Dermal fillers are a minimally invasive and very popular cosmetic treatment for facial rejuvenation and sculpting. Fillers are also used for liquid rhinoplasty, a non-invasive technique used to improve the appearance and harmony of the nose with facial anatomy. Dermal fillers involve injecting a product, usually hyaluronic acid, into the face to restore or improve facial features. It is a stiff filler used for nasolabial folds, but usually not for other facial wrinkles or lip augmentation.

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